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Welcome to our blog, our loyal reader!

We started in the grill and barbecue years ago with the urge to help fellow grillers on their cookouts. We started with practical tips and hacks until it grew to this one-stop grill resource on the web. As a team of BBQ-obsessed individuals, we take pleasure in giving advice, secret recipes, and product suggestions to our followers.

For us, grilling is more than just a backyard pastime. It’s a craft that you can master and make the most out of every meal. If your family is tired of the same fried dishes, grilling is the best and easiest way to spice up the dinner table.

In this blog, we review and compare Amazon products so you will be an informed buyer. Rest assured that we try each one to give you the most honest and transparent review. From grill options to grill accessories and more, we are here to guide you to come up with an informed purchasing decision. 


Our mission is to provide every griller practical and useful information for their cookouts. Regardless if it’s just a small backyard gathering or a large event, we are your go-to experts for everything about grilling. 

We deem it our mission to provide the following to our readers:

  • Honest product reviews with high-performing options
  • Secret and personal recipes we have tried and tasted
  • Practical tips to keep you safe while cooking
  • Latest updates on grill events


It’s our vision to become one of the leaders in grilling over the web. We aim to build a large following and community who will support each other on their grilling. 

For us, both beginners and experienced grillers should have access to real and proven hacks. This is why we publish a continuous stream of content for every reader to peruse and enjoy.

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